Wild Well Announces Joint Agreement with Check-6 to Develop the Next Generation of Well Control Training

By Allison Satterwhite


Wild Well Announces Joint Agreement with Check-6 to Develop the Next Generation of Well Control Training

Houston, TX, May 5, 2014 – In a press conference during the Offshore Technology Conference, Wild Well announced a joint agreement with Check-6 to develop the next generation of well control training for the oil and gas industry. The partnership will result in a new standard of training by providing the industry with access to the most advanced computer based training and learning techniques available.

“Wild Well is dedicated to offering a well control training program that will elevate the job performance of industry professionals to prevent well control incidents. We are pleased to partner with Check-6, a leader in personnel training programs” said Bill Mahler, executive vice president and general manager of Wild Well. “Our companies have a shared philosophy that investing in personnel training makes the industry better, safer and more prepared in daily operations.”

The training partnership will focus on advancing well control training courses using methods designed for adult learning while incorporating new teaching and learning techniques in lecture, computer based training, and hands-on simulation exercises.

“Check-6 is pleased to be in this partnership,” said Yarko “JJ” Sos, CEO of Check-6, “Working in conjunction with Wild Well, we will be able to provide the industry with the most advanced well control program to maximize personnel knowledge and skills, ensuring proper recognition and response to operational challenges.”

Wild Well has four decades of well control and blowout response experience. The company responds to 80 percent of all well control incidents globally. “We are certainly best-known for our blowout response, but we also are the industry leader in well control training,” said Bill Mahler. Wild Well currently certifies 11,000 industry professionals each year in well control.

About Wild Well As industry leaders in firefighting and well control, Wild Well leads the response in taking on and solving the most challenging oil and gas incidents. Whenever the integrity of the wellbore or operation is in jeopardy, Wild Well responds quickly with the experienced personnel and specialized equipment. Wild Well has successfully capped hundreds of wells in a range of environments and performed specialized capping operations under extreme conditions. Wild Well utilizes this extensive well control experience to provide the industry with the most advanced and practical well control training program. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and is a subsidiary of

Superior Energy Services, Inc. (NYSE: SPN).About Check-6 Check-6TM is an international solutions company which moves client enterprises from experience-based cultures to high reliability organizations via training and an integrated suite of products, services, and procedures. Check-6 coaches share the best practices learned in their previous military leadership careers to improve leadership, teamwork, and standardization within teams. Check-6 offers improved safety and operational efficiency through a standardized approach to job planning, briefing, and debriefing. These best practices are supported by a suite of unique software solutions that improve training and competency, job planning and JSA management.

For More Information Contact: Patti Green, Wild Well Control, Inc. +1.281.784.4700

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