When seconds count: the importance of continuous training

By Jenny Eve



How confident are you that your teams can implement skills that they have been unable to use for some time?

David Hazell

On lockdown during the pandemic of COVID-19, “skill fade” is real. If we don’t regularly use key skills, we get out of the “habit” of using them and our ability to operate at certain levels will be reduced.

My military background taught me the life-saving value of continuous training. As a senior pilot in the Royal Air Force, I was required to do one simulator every month.

If I didn’t attend the simulator I was grounded. The simulator addressed skill fade by testing me in non-routine tasks (sometimes pushing me all the way to simulated ejection from the aircraft). The training ensured my competency was maintained. I was also tested in routine tasks to ensure I was adhering to standards. The continuous training literally saved my life.

On 10 March 1995, I encountered an unprecedented emergency whilst flying a Tornado F-3 fighter. The left engine blew up, shards ripping into the right engine area, cutting through hydraulic pipes. Hydraulic fluid dropped on the hot engine, causing a fire that burnt through the flight controls. Less than 70 seconds had passed before I was forced to make the lifesaving decision to eject. If I had delayed by a few seconds I would not have been able to eject.

I am in no doubt that if I had not undergone regular training to address skill fade, I may not be here to tell the tale.

In a high-reliability industry, your team members have to maintain sharpness and proficiency in their jobs, or efficiency and safety can suffer. Many have specialized skill sets that decay over time when not in use.

It is a compelling time to have conversations on important topics while your workforce is being dispersed.

Virtual Workshops, Staying Sharp

Here at Check-6, we have put together a programme of webinars that address potential fade of non-technical skills such as leadership, communications and decision-making. A full list can be found here on our website.

Using this ‘Virtual Delivery Model’ our content is interactive, fun and flexible.

These remote training modules can be customized based on your desires. We can offer targeted case study sessions of an hour, half-day or full-day remote workshop with varied content to connect with your dispersed workforce. We know that many of your team members have skills that are perishable if not used over time.

Your team’s ability to stay sharp will ensure a smooth, efficient, productive return to work. Our people are battle-tested and would be delighted to schedule virtual training sessions in order to share our insights and experience. Let us know how we can assist you.

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