What’s different today?

By Check-6
In Oklahoma, there’s a saying: “If you don’t like the weather here, just wait a couple of minutes: it will change!”
That was true for C-6 Coach Pedro “Olaf” Duarte, who has been working with Exterran Energy Solutions at the Broken Arrow Manufacturing Plant in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, just outside of Tulsa. An early season snow severely dropped the temperatures overnight. 
“Weather can have a significant impact on operations, so during the planning phase it is of pivotal importance to ask the question — what’s different today?” said Pedro “Olaf” Duarte. “We have in place contingency plans for variables like the weather, which can change quickly in Oklahoma."
Exterran has been working with Check-6 on a Training Phase, focusing on fundamentals like PBED training, briefing/debriefing, capturing lessons learned, using planning/process tools, and targeted at all employees. In September Check-6 worked with Exterran to initiate a Coaching Phase, directed at Leadership Development through a program covering leadership principles and Crew Resource Management skills in order to improve the overall effectiveness of all employees with a lead role. 
Way to go, “Olaf”! Stay warm!