Veteran's Day: For those who protect this nation

By Check-6

Local business strengthens communities by empowering veterans.

US_flag.jpgNovember 11, 2016 – Houston, Texas

As our nation observes and pays her respects this Veteran’s Day, she will also be inundated with media reports on parades and a variety of events throughout local communities. While these traditions are supportive of our veterans, they are temporal in nature and require local, regional and national business support to create a sustainable environment in which veterans are utilized as key personnel in organizations where process, culture and leadership are paramount to an organizations' success.

Business leaders need to understand that veterans are a highly under-utilized and often an under-leveraged workforce and begin seeing them as uniquely suited to solve some of our nation’s most challenging problems because of their elite military training.

Check-6 Inc. understands more than any organization how valuable veterans are because of their commitment, bravery, integrity and unique training. Check-6 Inc. is an organization built on the commitment that one military personnel makes to another, each and every day.

With over 90% of Check-6’s workforce being made up of veterans, they offer a unique value proposition to organizations seeking leadership and performance optimization that sticks.

“Hiring and empowering veterans elevates any organization, breaking the mold of standard management and operation practices”, says Jim Weynand, Chief Revenue Officer of Check-6 Inc. He goes on to say, “Veterans with their skill sets and elite training represent efficiency, strong work ethic and commitment to the greater task. Unfortunately they have been under-utilized in the country they have served.

As we observe this Veteran’s Day, I challenge business leaders to elevate their thinking and to consider how they can leverage the greatest military training this world has ever seen into their business operations. Mitigating risk, increasing operational efficiency, strengthening leadership and increasing profit margins only come with a well-oiled machine. Parades and farmers markets are nice but how can we empower and leverage one of this nation’s greatest assets in a sustainable fashion. “

Check 6 Inc. provides a proven methodology called, Performance Excellence ™ for driving sustainable organizational change, yielding positive measurable results such as; reduced operational costs, increased operational efficiency/reliability, reduced cycle time, reduced non-productive time, reduced waste/variance, increased quality and reduced human error.

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