Veteran Oil Exec Tommy Travis Begins New Drilling Venture, TD Inc., Partnering with Check-6

By Allison Satterwhite



Tommy Travis to Partner with Check-6

For Immediate Release
May 29, 2013 Houston, TX—Tommy Travis, longtime executive in the oil and gas industry, is announcing the formation of a new Oklahoma-based drilling company, TD, Inc.

“I am beginning an exciting new phase of my career,” stated Travis. “After working in the oil industry for thirty-eight (38) years, I'm starting my own drilling company, TD Inc., and want it to be the best the industry has to offer.”

TD, Inc. is partnering with Check-6 (,) a company that provides innovative solutions for the energy industry, through the highest standards of safety, training and operational efficiency. “It’s true that in order to achieve exceptional goals, you have to surround yourself with exceptional people, “ said Travis. “That is exactly why I have decided to partner with Check-6. Through their outstanding careers and training in the aviation, nuclear, and space industries, they will be instrumental in bringing about a new vision for the oil industry.”

Travis has worked for major drilling contractors for his entire career. Most recently, he served as Vice President and Division Manager of one of the largest drilling operations in the world. While working around the world in his operational role, he built and/or started operations on twenty (20) deepwater vessels, in addition to the management of their contracts, safety, and operational support.

“We will be focusing our business model on building a rig, and rig crew of the future,” said Travis. “Once our crew is established, we will bring Check-6’s innovative technologies to the rig, setting a new standard for competency in the process.”

“I am beyond thrilled to be working with Tommy Travis,” said Brian “Bru” Brurud, founder and President of Check-6, Inc. “Tommy has a well-deserved, world-wide reputation as the best in the business. He has always been laser-focused on providing outstanding training and safety to protect the crews on the rigs, as well as his company’s assets. We look forward to our future with TD, Inc.”

“I am approaching this new chapter with unbridled enthusiasm,” continued Travis, “I am excited to be playing an integral role, partnering with Check-6, to change the world’s most vital industry for the better.”

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Eve
Director of Marketing
Check-6, Inc.
405.620.6379 (C)