Thanks for Your Passion

By Allison Satterwhite
Shawn,Thanks for the sincere and steadfast efforts you and Griz put into your work with us on the Chevron Liberia campaign. I believe you made a difference to many of the crew, and even to me.
I admit at first I was skeptical of 'another coaching team' and the crap we'd have to deal with while going about the business of drilling the wells for Chevron. I suppose that comes from having had too many well meaning coaches foisting essentially good stuff with a bunch of excess crap that was difficult to translate into real world results.
Once I realized and understood what exactly you were doing and how you were doing it, I recanted my skepticism and got on board with it. The reason I bought in was your narrow and consistent focus on just a few key principles that, if applied, do make a meaningful and measurable difference in our execution and performance.
I wish you guys had been around when I was breaking out as AD, Driller or Toolpusher, I have no doubt it would have made me a better supervisor and a better leader.

Both you and Griz exhibited extreme professionalism and reminded me why the men and women of our armed services are the best in the world. I thank you both again for your service to our country and the great service you extended to the Discoverer Spirit.

Joey Davenport
OIM, Discoverer Spirit