Success in Chaos

By Check-6

NASCARJason “Mac” McAlister and Mark “Dash” Brossette had a great opportunity to support the North Texas trucking community. Check-6, together with a number of transportation- centric companies hosted “Success in Chaos” an educational event meant to deliver value and strategies to support the booming trucking industry in West Texas.

Author and speaker Jim Bramlett provided the keynote. Mac was a member of the panel discussion. He provided insight to the audience with lessons learned about culture, performance and safety; critical concepts used in military aviation to successfully survive and thrive in high consequence environments.

The event was highlighted with a practical team building exercise that allowed the audience to participate in a NASCAR tire changing evolution. The exercises delivered a hands-on demonstration illustrating the key tenets of Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief and Lessons Learned. The event confirmed in real time the value and importance of applying the Check-6 methodology. On average the teams improved their performance by 35% in a single afternoon.