Recent Rig Move Committee Highlights Importance of Rig Move Consultants and Change Management

By Check-6

While many rig teams have shown excellent performance in rig mobilization over the years, others still struggle.

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At the recent IADC Rig Move Committee meeting in Midland, TX the mood was upbeat.
Over 35 professionals representing Operators, Drilling Companies, Trucking Companies, Consultants, and third party suppliers gathered at the Patterson UTI facilities on Industrial Avenue to share ideas and insights on nighttime operations, and to work together towards higher performance and safety in rig mobilization.
As one manager put it, “Common belief is that we only spend 10% of our time in mobilization, but it accounts for 40% of our incidents.” 

See why 70% of change management programs fail.

In the land rig environment, rig mobilization brings together many of the toughest challenges we have to face in the oilfield. Leadership, processes, and team performance are all stressed to the max during this evolution.
Couple these challenges with increased fatigue, night work, and the unknowns of new sites and routes, and you have a situation that can turn dangerous or destroy a wells timeline.

Rig mobilization can destroy a drilling program by adding lost time or work stoppages. While many teams have shown excellent performance in mobilization over the years, others have struggled or believe they could do better.

Consistent, industry leading numbers are set by operators that employ Rig Move Consultants to help the team plan, execute, and gathered lessons learned.
The benchmark programs include a comprehensive Rig Move Optimization Team that includes consultants and company subject matter experts to keep performance at the forefront.

It was generally agreed at the meeting that both in the US and Canada, Rig Move Consultants are the common thread amongst the highest-performing teams out there.
Check-6 has been conducting rig moves and establishing Rig Move Optimization Programs under their proprietary service Rig Move Excellence™, since 2012.

Now conducting RME™ internationally, this successful program has been adapted to deliver success in multiple countries and with numerous nationalities.

It seems the desire to be the best is universal!

"The Consultants that you have provided have been extremely helpful in streamlining our rig move operations.
The lessons learned and experience gained from their assistance will be utilized to its full extent."

International Rig Manager


With the demand for consistent efficient operations being greater than ever, follow the example of the highest performing teams out there. Employ Rig Move Consultants on your moves and ensure you complete your drilling program on time, and under budget.Check-6 is the leading expert in helping commercial organizations implement Crew Resource Management, Human Factors awareness and checklists tailored to their operations and targeted business outcomes.

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