"Our rig moves are taking too long. We need efficiency."          -Drilling Superintendent

By Check-6


“As an independent oil and gas exploration and production company working in the north-eastern U.S, our rig mobilization times are higher than we would like them to be. Taking over eight and a half days to move a rig is counterproductive and reducing our non-productive time is imperative for our organization to improve our overall financial operational efficiency while also improving safety.” – Drilling Superintendent

Check-6 understands that every rig move is unique. Whether you are moving an oil rig or natural gas rig, operators and drilling contractors understand the risks and costs involved in these high-hazard operations. While eight plus days seems high for a rig move, one must consider the obstacles like weather, terrain and crew resources. That is why operators and drilling contractors require the assistance of personnel that possess unparalleled experience from around the globe, conducting rig mobilization programs.

An operator would love to see big ROI numbers but is it something they can expect from their contractors or consultants? Is it unreasonable to expect an average ROI ranging from 300% to 2,000%? Can an operator expect verifiable data that captures over 120 key performance indicators that backs the efficiencies created by a rig move program?

What about consistency in performance for the rest of their fleet? To the operator, these may seem like lofty goals but isn’t that the problem in the upstream industry? The bar is only set as high as complacency allows but rig move programs built to overcome the challenges most operators and drilling contractors face are based upon proven and verifiable methods used in military and commercial aviation. Successful rig move programs function at the organizational level and also generates savings on everyday logistics needs such as trucking and raw materials deliveries.

Use this rig move calculator to calculate the cost savings across your rig fleet as well as discover how many extra wells per rig and extra wells per fleet can be realized due to the days saved via a proven solution that has been applied to over 3,000 rig moves around the globe. After you are finished using the rig move calculator, download our free white paper, “3,000 Rig Moves Don’t Lie” and feel free to forward it to a colleague.


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