By Check-6

We are on the move to increase efficiency and cut your costs of moving rigs with our Check-6 Rig Move Excellence (RME)® program.  In fact, when operators use our Rig Move Excellence® program, they see a 300% Return on Investment. Our goal is to generate savings by delivering predictable results, drive operational improvement and optimize your team’s performance.

A typical rig move depends on where the company is operating and where they are going, and the terrain on which they travel. Teams must execute in complex, dynamic environments with high turnover and new personnel. Check-6 helps build strong teams in order to get your rigs moved safely and efficiently. On a Flex-5 Rig in the Permian Basin, for example, we saved up to .85 days per rig move. The usual move rate is 5 days. Depending on the spread rate, it can be a savings of $60,000 per day.

So consider it: if you are moving 12 rigs and you save 1 day for each rig you move, that not only saves the day rate, but also frees up the rigs for new holes to drill, which is better for your company’s bottom line. The savings can add up very quickly.

Check-6 can help you move the rigs safely and more efficiently. Our crews have had years of military and oil field experience moving equipment safely, securely and quickly. Check-6 has been involved with more than 3600 rig moves, with a 98.5% success rate in reducing ‘flat time’ between rig release on one pad to spud on the next.

Let us help you get on the move!

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