Next Week's Live Remote Webinar: Rapid Improvement Under Stressful Operational Conditions

By Jenny Eve

 Join us next Wednesday, January 13th for our latest live remote webinar: Rapid Improvement Under Stressful Operational Conditions; Success can be yours, even in trying times. We have been here before and have still obtained our objectives while focusing on the core element of what it takes to achieve. Achieving high reliability operations in high consequence environments requires resilience and a steadfast mindset, both buttressed by relatively simple, measurable and attainable goals. This is a study of the success of the US Navy Construction Battalions during WWII and their overall contribution to build advanced airfields, under very harsh conditions and with only a modicum of support, in order to attain strategic goals of placing long-range, land-based aircraft closer to their objective. They did it and so can You. The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer. Click here to sign up!