Monday Morning Success Ideas: the Importance of Digital Checklists

By Jenny Eve

At Check-6, our operational best practices have been proven to be successful in some of the harshest and extreme operating conditions known to man. Procedural discipline is a must in high performance/high reliability operations. To ensure consistent, predictable, and repeatable outcomes, military operators have, for decades, relied on the use of checklists. For fighter pilots and special forces operators, the use of checklists before, during, and after operations have proven to be essential to consistent operational success.

For businesses, profitability in high reliability/high consequence industries is fundamentally linked to an organization’s operational performance. Successful organizations maintain profitability while avoiding undesirable events (e.g. loss of life or equipment, significant environmental damage, repeated rework or delays, etc.) by managing operational risk, complex technology, and operations. The scale of possible consequences from errors, mistakes, and consistent inefficiency precludes learning through experimentation or reliance on experience alone.

In general, industries value reliability to ensure operational success while avoiding significant rework and compromising safety. The disciplined use of checklists provides a means for businesses to trap and/or reduce the probability of human error by guiding processes as work is being performed vice conducting post-job audits or using lengthy and verbose procedures that are not referenced during the job.

Through the disciplined use of checklists that are based on well-vetted and proven standardized work processes, proficient and precise operations produce safe, reliable results with the minimum expenditure of time, energy, and resources. Also, the resulting predictability helps organizations improve their planning which is a main driver of budgeting and costs.

If you want to learn more about how to build a checklist culture in your organization, contact Check-6 and begin your journey to Operational Excellence.