Monday Morning Solution Ideas

By Jenny Eve

We Have Gone Online!

Here at Check-6, we have considerable experience of crisis management and recovery planning in unique, unfamiliar,

demanding circumstances such as war zones, 9/11 and tsunamis. The current, extraordinary situation calls for people

with unique experiences in order to successfully recover.

Nobody had a playbook for these previous situations; however, we had the leadership skills

and procedural discipline to adapt and navigate our way to a successful outcome.

The future with COVID-19 is uncharted territory where normal consultancy approaches may not apply.

Therefore, Check-6 has taken its training modules online.

A Check-6 online leadership development program will support your company’s continued success:

• Our curriculum targets leaders at all levels, developing methodical, hands-on leadership

actions aimed specifically at improving safety, compliance, team culture and operational efficiency.

• An initial, individual, one-hour call with each of the participants will provide a detailed assessment

of your leadership’s capabilities and operational communication effectiveness.

• Based on the assessment, one-hour modules will be delivered at a pace that fits in with your schedule.

• The curriculum is an interactive, facilitated program that closes the training gap by providing an

organized forum for leaders who desire organizational change.

• In order to develop practical application of leadership principles, the comprehensive program can

be delivered through individual coaching and/or group environments. | +1.866.662.6656

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