Letter to Bru: a Note From the Field

By Check-6

The team at Check-6 is driven by the mission to change lives and organizations for the better. It is humbling and honoring to hear how we are achieving that mission from the people with whom we work.

Our thanks from this HSE Supervisor for his kind words.  We appreciate you!


EMAIL-1At your request I found myself saying out loud "Use what you have at hand" and then again louder as if I was a Poke, "USE WHAT YOU HAVE AT HAND!"  I listened to your TEDxOStateU talk from 2012 this morning.  As I said this statement an involuntary physical reaction of tingling shot up through my shoulders and penetrated my skull.  It was very strange to the extent that it was unexpected.  

Thinking this through I believe that the chord that you hit in my brain is the optimism I have for the men I supervise.  It is the optimism that I have for them that they are more than they know.  

Your advise resonated with me in the respect that the questions and problems that are brought to me daily are solved not by a revamp or re-invention of a procedure or practice; but, a careful sorting out of the problem and the systems, practices and policies that are at hand to guide in the solution.

Anyhow, I felt strongly enough about this to send this note.  I have worked with your team in the past and hope to do so again in the future. 

Best Regards   


Use What You Have at Hand Brian Brurud at TEDxOStateU