Hearts & Minds in Gabon

By Check-6

Check-6 is privileged to work alongside Petronas and Seadrill in Gabon. Gabon sits at the Equator in West-Central Africa. It’s a little smaller than the US state of Colorado and somewhat larger than the United Kingdom. Nearby are Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and the Republic of the Congo.

On August 8th, Check-6 Performance Coaches Hamza “Badger” Begdouri and Patrick “Kitty” Bernard conducted an onshore Hearts & Minds workshop (in Port Gentil, Gabon) for the Petronas and Seadrill leadership team. The team is preparing to drill the Boudji-2 well in a prospect over 500 kilometers from the coast of Gabon on the West Polaris drill ship.  The workshop was designed to align leadership objectives, lay the groundwork for a unified approach to safety, and establish a performance excellence mindset in drilling this challenging deep-water well. Over the coming months, Badger and Kitty will provide tailored performance excellence coaching to this fabulous multinational team!


A couple of fun facts:

Badger splits his time between Alexandria, Virginia and Morocco where he has an apple farm!

Kitty is a French citizen but has lived in Bangkok for the last 30 years. Interesting group and we are looking forward to great things ahead!