Heartfelt: Helping Others After Devastating Earthquakes

By Check-6
A Check-6 Coach could not stand by while people were suffering in Lombok from the recent relentless earthquakes, and is raising money to help. David “Shiner” Ehrmann has visited the Southeast Asian country, located just east of Bali many times as a scuba diver. He has already raised USD$1500 to help provide supplies to his friends in Lombok, who have been devastated by the powerful quakes that began July 29th. The death toll is already in the hundreds and is expected to rise dramatically as workers can sort through the rubble.
"The funds I raised this time for Lombok are from my own donation and that from individuals in the Oil & Gas industry who are friends living and working in Indonesia,” Shiner said. "I’m planning to support friends from the International Scuba School in Indonesia who are going to donate 100% of their profits from anyone who will go diving in Lombok in September or October.” Lombok relies mostly on tourism due to its sparkling beaches and hiking trails, and the earthquakes have turned many visitors away from the island. 
Philanthropic work is nothing new to Shiner. He helped support survivors following an earthquake in Yogyakarta in Central Java where he raised USD$4000 for relief efforts. Shiner also spent 3 days living in a very hard-hit community where he slept on a tarp under the stars. He brought in truckloads of supplies and set up response coordination centers which helped people rebuild homes. 
Shiner has worked as a Coach for Check-6 since 2012. Prior to that, he was in the region working with international donor and aid organizations. He serves Check-6 as Southeast Asia & Australia Regional Manager. As to why he has been so involved in helping others: "The simple answer of what motivates me is selfish: I do it because I can, and it feels good."