Health, Safety & Environmental Congress

By Check-6

Jason ‘Mac’ McAlister, Tim ‘Hoolie’ Reynolds and Savanna Bull attended the first Health, Safety & Environmental Congress in North America. The HSENA brought together some of the leading HSE professionals to showcase and discuss some of the key challenges along with the advancements across multiple industries in the US. Some of the topics included; Safety Culture, Behavioral Safety, Digital Transformation, Risk Management & Operational Effectiveness, and Future Technologies.


Check-6 had the privilege of having a presence on both the Keynote Panel and Roundtable Discussion. Tim ‘Hoolie’ Reynolds was one of five industry professionals that sat on the panel and did a phenomenal job answering questions that ranged from human error to leadership vs. management topics.

 Jason Mac McalisterJason ‘Mac’ McAlister and Tim ‘Hoolie’ Reynolds also hosted a roundtable discussion that had the largest attendance! Mac and Hoolie did an excellent job grabbing the attention of everyone by strategically weaving in their aviation experience, Hoolie’s perspective as an actual ‘Boots on Location’ worker and their views on leadership from the ground up, which appealed to a room full of HSE Professionals. This sparked conversation and networking – especially with the use of Mac’s visuals of his actual cockpit checklists and PowerPoint demonstrations. Both speaking opportunities helped gain traction to our booth, where Savanna was able to give interactive demonstrations of the Rigor® Digital Checklist, including a walkthrough of how to write and create personalized checklists for their particular industry.

Overall, Check-6 had a very successful event that gave us the ability to learn, teach and create personal relationships with like-minded individuals and companies.