Family Doesn’t Camouflage Pride in Check-6

By Allison Satterwhite

Chad Jerkins is a Crane Operator on the Ensco 8503. He wrote us recently to tell us about his daughter and her attachment to Check-6. It is an attachment shared by her father. Chad Jerkins writes: “Recently we have had Chunks out here on our rig talking to us about Check-6. He has also attended some of our DWOPS we have had too. While he has been out here on the rig I have gotten to know him pretty well. He is a great guy and represents Check-6 with a lot of pride. He is easy to talk to if you have a problem and is always willing to listen and help. I hope that we will continue to have him on this rig."

Jerkins continued: "A few months ago they brought out some tally books along with some camo hats. However I brought home my camo Check-6 hat and my three-year-old daughter decided it was her new hat. She loves that hat and wears it just about everywhere I will let her. So I recently talked with Chunks and told him about her and how much she loved that hat. Chunks has even used this picture in some slides out here on the rig, talking about how important it is for us to go home to our loved ones. However, my wife received a package in the mail the other day from him and it was a pink Check-6 hat. She is in love with it. When I called home the other night she had to tell me all about her new hat. I would like to say Thank You to your Company and for all the things that you all teach us. It’s a great program and it helps us out here on the oil rig to practice safe work practices. I just wanted to take the time to write you and let you know that the people from Check-6 who have come out to the Ensco 8503 have really helped us out a lot and have represented Check-6 with a lot of PRIDE.“