ECO to the Rescue!

By Jenny Eve

Thank you Billy Joe Pellegrin for sending us this story! Edison Chouest Offshore is owned by patriots and run by patriots. We have our greatest pride and appreciation for what you do!! Read the story and be inspired!

In early November, the AHTS GARY CHOUEST towed the USS DETROIT into Port Canaveral, FL, aCer the combat ship suffered an engine failure. During the ship’s return transit to her home port of Mayport, FL, the ship lost electrical power. Due to deteriorating weather in the area, the ship was towed to Port Canaveral, FL, the closest port out of an abundance of caution and for the safety and comfort of the crew. AHTS GARY CHOUEST Captain Joe Borkowski said, “This was an emergency tow. No power whatsoever, so it was different. And I sure did not like it — not one bit — but something needed to be done.” After dodging challenging weather conditions and rough seas, the AHTS GARY CHOUEST successfully — and safely — towed the vessel to Port Canaveral. The vessel’s namesake, Gary Chouest, said, “This is the second time in history that a privately-owned vessel tows an active U.S. military vessel. The AHTS GARY CHOUEST towed both.

Great job guys!

ANCHOR LINES AHTS GARY CHOUEST CREW ONBOARD FOR THE TOW Joe Borkowski III (Master) Adam Zaborny (Tow Captain) Danny Lopez (Mate) Peter Kaple (Mate) Rickey Oaks (Chief) Cleveland Verdin (Assist Engineer & Winch Operator) Mike Macchia (Assistant Engineer) Felix MarXnez (Oiler) Omar Bobadillo (Oiler) Josh Bascle (Oiler) Denorris Nixon (AB) Raul Diaz (AB) Ray Villanueva (Cook)