Covid-19: Resources to Lead and Navigate in a Time of Uncertainty

By Jenny Eve



Here at Check-6, we have considerable experience in crisis management and recovery planning for unique, unfamiliar, and demanding circumstances. such as war zones, 9/11, and tsunamis. Nobody had a playbook for these situations; however, Check-6 had the leadership skills and procedural discipline to adapt and navigate our way to a successful outcome.

The current pandemic has created an uncharted territory where normal consultancy approaches may not apply. Now, more than ever, it's essential for businesses to rely on experts with unique experiences in order to successfully recover.

Therefore, Check-6 has taken its training modules online, with a remote leadership development program that will support your company’s continued success. The leadership development program includes:

  • A curriculum that targets leaders at all levels, helping you develop methodical, hands-on leadership actions to improve safety, compliance, team culture, and operational efficiency
  • An initial, individual, one-hour call that will provide a detailed assessment of your leadership team’s capabilities and operational communication
  • One-hour modules, based on the results of the assessment, delivered at a pace that fits your schedule
  • An organized forum, offered throughout the extent of the program,
  • The curriculum is an interactive, facilitated program that closes the training gap by providing an organized forum for leaders who desire organizational change

In order to develop practical application of leadership principles, the comprehensive program can be delivered through individual coaching and/or group environments.

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