Warming Homeless Hearts

By Check-6
Dec 15, 2018, Southlake, TX—Jason McAlister of Check-6 had the privilege of opening the 2018 Blanket Drive kick-off for Phillip's Wish in prayer on Saturday. Phillip's Wish is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to Jennifer McAlisterhelping the homeless by providing sleeping bags, blankets, warm clothing, toiletries and meals. It was started by a little boy who saw a need in the world and decided to do something about it. Both Jason (Chief Operations Officer ) and Jennifer McAlister (Web and Graphic Designer) of Check-6, have been long time supporters of this wonderful organization. Jennifer spoke on behalf of Phillip's Wish to an audience that included a room full of Mayors, State Representatives, the Keller Lions Club, students, and all who wanted to get involved to make a difference. She spoke on the importance of showing up and encouraged the audience to strive to be the first  to help others. To find out more about Phillips Wish, please visit Phillipswish.com
Mayors and State Representatives
 (L-R)  Mayor Jim Griffen ,Giovanni Capriglione ,Texas State Rep, Dr. An Truong, Mayor Pro Tem, Mayor Pat McGrail, Bill Langsford, Mayor Scooter Gierisch, Mayor Nick Sanders, Mayor Laura Hill