Check-6 to Speak at 2014 IADC International Deepwater Drilling Conference

By Allison Satterwhite

Check-6's Director of Latin America Operations, Vincent "Bluto" Saporito, will be speaking at the 2014 IADC International Deepwater Drilling Conference & Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The conference, being held on 18-19 March, will examine a range of topics impacting accident prevention, environmental protection, competency, and training in the drilling industry.


The Power of the Debrief: Affecting a Culture Change through Continuous Improvement: Vincent “Bluto” Saporito, Director of Latin American Operations, Check-6

High hazard operations, such as landing on an aircraft carrier or drilling a deepwater well, require cross checks, oversight and mutual support. Being like-minded with regard to planning, confirming understanding but most importantly capturing lessons learned through debriefing, brings about a predictable outcome, which leads to Incident Free Operations. This high-energy presentation filled with entertaining video clips, data from US Navy combat, commercial aviation, and NASA Space missions, will show how the Debrief can affect an immediate culture change on drilling rigs and production platforms.