Check-6 Heroism Awards 2013

By Allison Satterwhite

The CHECK-6 HEROISM AWARD was established to recognize those in our communities and the energy industry that demonstrates selfless acts under the most challenging of circumstances; exemplary values of courage, sacrifice and patriotism.

The actions honored are those in which decisive action was taken, at the risk of personal injury or death, to give aid and assistance to their fellow man. These actions of courage, selflessness, and grace under fire represent the highest standards of those who have worn the cloth of this great nation as well as those for which we served.


Baker Hughes Employee Donnie LeJeune Honored with Check-6 Heroism Award for Saving Lives During Killer Oklahoma Tornado.

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Check-6 Coach Gerald "Leekster" Leekey Earns Heroism Award for Assisting Injured Spectators During the Reno Air Show Crash.

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Man Earns Check-6 Heroism Award for Making History as the First Blind Kayaker to Make His Way Down the Entire Length of the Grand Canyon. Congratulations Lonnie Bedwell!