Check-6 earns BP Helios "Commended" Award

By Allison Satterwhite
Check-6 recognized by BP's Helios Award.

The Check-6 Alaska Team was recognized by BP in their "Helios Awards," earning a “Commended” for their work in assisting Doyon Drilling on the North Slope. Check-6 was selected by a panel of 150 judges from around the BP Global organization. Only 197 were recognized out of 1187 submitted. The twenty finalists will be announced in August. We are proud of our Doyon/Check-6 Alaska team which includes:


William “Chester” Waldron-Area Manager (Created program with Doyon)

William “Lurch” Duncan-Lead

William “Coach” Rudy-Lead

Michael “Tung” Peterson-Substitute Lead (one hitch)

Byron “Shaggy” Wright-Doyon 16

James “Jacques” Bertelson- Doyon 16

Dan “Dano” Carlson- Doyon 14

Dave “Country” Emmons – Doyon 14

The Team was instrumental in executing a program developed by Check-6, Doyon and BP Alaska Global Wells Organization leadership to enhance operations and safety. It was a herculean effort by all involved. We appreciate the hard work and sacrifice by the team to make this project successful. Outstanding job by all involved under challenging conditions and difficult schedule. Well Done!