Check-6, Chevron & Seadrill in Thailand

By Allison Satterwhite
Check-6 Coaches join members of the Chevron/Seadrill team onboard the T-10 Rig located in the Gulf of Thailand. The drill crew received Check-6 soccer balls and ball caps because they best demonstrated the most efficient & effective briefs & debriefs based on the Check-6 training they had received and were putting into practice.
The gentleman on the left with red shirt is the talented Seadrill Tour Pusher , Henry Hernandez from Houston Texas, along with his drill crew, mostly from Thailand. "This was the best looking rig for material condition and cleanliness I have observed in my two years with Check-6," said J.D. Dixon, Coach for European, African, Asian and Australian Operations. "The crew really liked putting the Check-6 training into action & were extremely motivated to learn. The Thai culture was wonderful in the way they honor older folks, unfortunately I received a lot of cultural respect as the old guy. :) !"