Bravo, “Dunga!”

By Check-6

Our collective Check-6 hats go off to Gustavo “Dunga” Vignale, who has just been promoted as our new Argentina Operations Manager. Dunga receives high praise and has the respect of his fellow coaches in Argentina. A bit about his background:

  • He is a Naval Aviator with 39 years of service in the Argentinian Navy
  • He was a fighter/attack pilot flying US Skyhawks & the French Super Etendard
  • Dunga graduated from the Argentinian Naval War College and Joint War College
  • He has carrier experience in USA and Brazil as a pilot and LSO
  • He was a strike flight instructor in Argentina, SN and Brazil

“Dunga is a real gem and asset to Check-6,” said Brian “Bru” Brurud, Check-6 CEO and Founder. “He not only brings a wealth of experience to the table, but the people skills that helps him build highly-functioning teams with our clients.”

Congratulations Dunga!