Are Your Teams Staying Sharp?

By Check-6

Our world and today’s “new normal” continue to evolve during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most workers are doing so from home to assist the global efforts to stem the spread of the virus.

It is a compelling time to have conversations on important topics while your workforce is being dispersed.

In high-reliability industries, your team members have to maintain sharpness and proficiency in their jobs, or efficiency and safety can suffer. Many have specialized skill sets that decay over time when not in use.  Under normal circumstances, with regular, scheduled training, you can expect competency results like this:




But we are not in normal circumstances. Your teams may have imperative skill decay with lack of training. See how training during ‘down times’ can keep your crews primed and ready for when work resumes.



Our military backgrounds taught us the life-saving value of consistent training. We typically do this on-site, but now we can offer remote training to keep your teams at their best. We can offer content such as:

  • Crisis Communication: how to bring your organization through trying times
  • Stop the Job: Lessons Learned from Mt. Everest 
  • Navy SEAL team principles of Performance vs. Trust to optimize teams and corporate culture  
  • Life-saving Checklists: What we learned from Josie King
  • Human Performance, Leadership, Culture and why accountability is still important
  • How the Tenerife disaster changed how high-reliability teams perform 

These remote training modules can be customized based on your desires.  We can offer targeted case study sessions of an hour,  half-day or full-day remote workshop with varied content to connect with your dispersed workforce. We know that many of your team members have skills that are perishable if not used over time.


It would be an honor to assist you. 

Our best regards to you and your teams!

Contact: Matt Lanier
Check-6 Emergency Response Team