Alex “Chekhov” Revut

By Check-6

Check-6 Coach

Alex “Chekhov” Revut has had his sea legs since he was old enough to walk. He was born in the Southern part of Russia, Krasnodar region and grew up in Novorossiysk City, the biggest Russian port on the Black Sea coast. In 1999, Chekhov joined the Novorossiysk State Maritime Academy, graduating at the rank of Lieutenant and was qualified as an Engineer-Navigator.

In 2005, he decided to build his career in the oilfield and started working as a Translator in the drilling department on the “Orlan” offshore rig, Sakhalin-1 Project, located in Okhotsk Sea, on the North of the Sakhalin Island.

“For all these years I’ve realized how very important it is to actively care and rely on each other, working in hazardous environments,” Chekhov said. “I enjoy diving into the process, working with various teams to mentor and support personnel in daily activities. I realize how our personal decisions and actions can affect not only each one of us, but the whole team as well.”

In a year, he became a Drilling Logistics Coordinator. Afterwards, Alex got new experience working on the Sakhalin Land Rig 262 “Yastreb”, as a Rig Warehouseman and Rig Move Field Coordinator. Finally, in 2012, he joined the new drilling campaign on “Orlan” and participated in drilling the world’s deepest offshore wells. In August 2015 Chekhov joined the Check-6 Team.

Alex Revut

“I’m definitely proud to be a part of the Check-6 Team,” Chekhov continued. “It’s a great honor and opportunity to join the family of unique people, work with professionals and gain excellent experience. We have a unique and strong collaboration between the Coaches and C-6 Management: I’ve never experienced such strong support before.”

Plus, he’s had some fun along the way!


In the end, it is all about Check-6 coaching and caring for the lives and families represented on board each rig. “I respect each individual’s contribution, doesn’t matter which position. We want everybody to go back home to their families, 100% safe and sound.”



Thanks for all you do, Chekhov!