After Action Review: a Rig Manager’s Perspective of Check-6

By Check-6

At Check-6, we are grateful and delighted to work with many talented people in so many varied industries. We wanted to share the perspective of a Rig Manager while working with Check-6:

 “Honestly, you know what I think we get out of Check-6? I think it’s a great opportunity for me to talk about the ideas we have that could improve the moves, because Check-6 gets it up the chain better. For example, when I came to Rig ***, the moves were slow. So, the operator asked what we could do better, and that’s when Check-6 came into the mix. “Big Iron”, Gordon and I all sat in my office and we talked about the things that worked well before and then came up with a plan and they submitted it. Then we implemented everything we talked about and our first move went from 4.3 days to 2.9!  The three of us sitting down and coming up with our specific rig plan, got us were we needed to be. Also, at the end of the move, Check-6 helps hold the truckers accountable. Like when they say they are going to have 16 trucks and only bring 7, they address the problem. I guess what I mean is, it’s good having a 3rd party because in a normal rig move there’s two people that get blamed for a bad move - the Truck Pusher or the Rig Manager. With Check-6, there is someone there to overlook and see where the Truck Pusher lacks and where the Rig Manager lacks (very few people can admit things on their own). I've been around Gordon and Big Iron for years and they are awesome guys and we work great together but are still honest. It is all about trust and that is why we do so well.”

Rig Manager: Matt B.