A word to the wise

By Check-6

Cyber Security is an ever-growing need for all businesses as phishers are using more sophisticated means to try to get your personal information.  We have a fresh understanding of this trend this week, as parties external to Check-6 have taken to posting extremely well-forged job offers listed under spoofed Check-6 accounts at Indeed.com and LinkedIn.com and Emprego.pt.  

The nature of such an advert is one that takes advantage of honest job seekers and tricks them into divulging personal information.  We have been alerted to this by a number of thoughtful individuals calling to tell us that this is happening, that someone out there is using the Check-6 brand and logo and names from our website to post fraudulent employment opportunities online, and even to host phone interviews with unsuspecting victims. The domain name of the fake accounts is often only letter off from our real domain, so it is easy to fall for this scheme.  All genuine job opportunities with Check-6 will only come from our authenticated domain: checksix.com.

We would like to reassure you that we are not associated with or responsible for these spoofed accounts, and none of our real accounts have been hacked.  This is a very detailed and advanced phishing scheme, and we wanted to caution you never to give anyone your personal information if you don’t know exactly where it will go or if you feel the least nervous about the person asking for it

A quick word to the wise!

Anne Hunt

Check-6 IT Director