A Race to Efficiency

By Check-6

Kevin Harvick, Brad Keselowski or Kyle Busch would have been proud! Our Check-6 staff teamed up with Williams for a NASCAR team building event in West Virginia.

Our race occurred mid-September in Williams’ locations around West Virginia, including their office in Moundsville. The purpose of Check-6’s NASCAR is to build strong, reliable teams and drive home the value of the debrief process for follow on work and coaching.


 The “pit crews” were 6 gathering station teams in this division, and their job was serious and time-sensitive. One crew would debrief the next crew on the ways to do it better and more efficiently.


Check-6 Founder and Co-CEO Brian “Bru” Brurud was helping to provide leadership  as the teams went into action. Along with the Williams team, Check-6 added to the pit crews: Dan “Caveman” Cave, Jim “Tango” Gray, Sara Graham and Mark “Dash” Brossette. The idea is to work together as a team, with clear objectives, clear direction and ultimate efficiency.

Check-6 has been working with Williams since August, when we did an assessment for them. We had a great time being part of the ‘pit crew’ for Williams!