A grateful perspective this Veterans Day:

By Check-6

Where do We Send our Thanks?



When we lay our heads on our pillows at night, confident that we will wake up safe and secure the next morning, where do we send our thanks? 

When we read of atrocities, tension and strife around the world, yet we move freely with little concern for our right to speak without retribution, where do we send our thanks?

When we openly gripe about what is wrong with our system of government, yet know there will be no personal price to pay for our words, where do we send our thanks?

We are living in a country, and a world that we hear is divided. We hear that discontent is rampant and people will never agree.

In light of Veterans Day, and Remembrance Day in the UK, and to honor veterans from all countries who work for Check-6 around the globe, let’s pause a moment for gratitude, unity and understanding.

I am the Global Marketing Director for Check-6. I am not a veteran. I asked veterans in our company for their thoughts on what they would tell someone like me about the importance of taking time to reflect on the sacrifices made by so many veterans and their families. Here are a few sentiments that I think poignantly sum up why we take time to honor them. Please know their thoughts are echoed thousands of times over by others who have served.




 Michael “Tung” Peterson

Director of Products, Services, & Standards

Rank at Retirement: Commander, United States Navy / Asst. Professor of Military Studies at the US Air Force Academy

“I feel privileged to have served with a fraternity of other veterans from all services who sacrificed so much for this country and freedom worldwide.   

As a veteran on Veterans Day, I am thankful for the members of the larger community of service who cared for, protected, and guarded my loved ones while I was deployed in service to my country—military spouses, family members, law enforcement, firefighters, teachers, friends, and the rest of the large support network that enables our veterans to serve.”

To hear more of the story of Michael “Tung” Peterson, click here for the his podcast on “Check-6 Unplugged.”



BlutoVeteransDayVince “Bluto” Saporito

Chief of Staff

Rank at Retirement: Commander, USN; Naval Attaché US Embassy Santiago Chile

“My dad served in the US Army during WWII. My son is a USMC pilot currently deployed to the Middle East; his son – my grandson – was born while deployed. Although I was not born when my dad served, my son on the other hand had to endure multiple deployments and moves during my time in the US Navy; and, he still elected to serve his nation and protect the values we hold dear: God, family and country. I am proud of the man he is and the example he sets – and so many others like him at all levels within the military service – who provide for our nation. Being a veteran is not just about fighting in wars but also includes protecting our U.S. Embassies, providing natural disaster relief, and bringing medical assistance to those in need, both foreign and domestic. Taking the time to honor those who have served their country – dead or alive – is to thank them for their sacrifices and the sacrifices made by their respective families. Often these sacrifices are made away from home; done so in arduous conditions and unforgiving environments with an unselfish dedication and an unyielding commitment to protect the freedoms our country enjoys.”

To hear more of Bluto’s story, click here for his podcast on “Check-6 Unplugged”.



 FlounderVeteransDayChris “Flounder” Earl

Client Manager/West Hem Sales Lead

Rank at Retirement: Commander, USN  Commanding Officer VFA-97

“I was raised in a family where service to our country was a critical element of who we were at our core. My father, my son and I have all served/are serving. For me, it was really important to be part of something bigger than myself. The Navy provided me an opportunity to be with like-minded people who wanted to work hard, play hard and enjoy a life well-lived. What really mattered to me was taking care of the men and women under my command. I know the sacrifices they make and the harsh living conditions they endure to give to our country. I think in this day and age where we have about .4 of 1% of Americans who serve in the Armed Forces and the many deployments each of these people make to keep our world a better place - at least one day where we stop and thank our veterans for all they have done for each of us is vital. Finally, the long line of people who have served bring continuity to our country and grounds us in the risk, reward and service of those who have gone before us. That longevity or service provides a common footing for all who live in a free world and sadly since the number that serve is so small, if we do not stop and think about our Vets we will forget the people who enabled us to enjoy all the blessings we enjoy. In the end we serve for the people in the ‘trenches’ next to us…that bond is super-strong, when we stray too far from our veterans our country loses perspective – we need to remember all who served.”



 WVeteransDayWilliam “Woody” Woodfin

Project Manager 

Rank at retirement: Lieutenant Commander, USN

“I miss being on active duty every day. I’m proud to have served and I’m extremely proud to be the son of a WWII veteran and a member of the Greatest Generation. We owe them a debt that cannot be repaid; but we must try by supporting our troops, veterans, spouses and families. The sacrifice is real and they need every American to honor their efforts.”



Beautifully stated. A grateful heart to those who have served, and a prayer for those still in harm’s way.



Jennifer Eve